About Bigfoot outrigger pads

Bigfoot Construction Equipment is an American Family Manufacturer that specializes in outrigger pads. We are the only major manufacturer of both wood & composite as well as the longest in house manufacturer of custom composite. Bigfoot uses American materials, Veteran employees & ownership. We manufacture outrigger pads for the safety of the hard working personnel around the world. Building standard/ custom/ premium outrigger pads to maximize STRENGTH/ STABILITY/ SAFETY is our business.

This company was started by Bill Steiner "Bigfoot Bill" while working in the concrete industry. Bigfoot was started from the ground up, with a hands on approach building & engineering outrigger pads for safety. Bigfoot has designed a custom blend on our composite outrigger pads to maximize compressive loads & guarantee our outrigger pads for life. Working with engineers for compressive load ratings & GBC ( ground bearing compacities ) as well as being a American family manufacturer that started as end users of our product, has allowed Bigfoot to build the best outrigger pads around the world.

Now Bill’s 2 sons run this business, maintaining the craftmanship & legacy of their father while working for him for over 20 years. While building outrigger pads with Bigfoot, 1 of the sons jobs included 2 years as a tree trimmer & 18 years as a Journeyman Lineman. Working with bucket/ digger derricks/ operating Cranes from 15-40 tons as well as working with operators on 100-300 ton cranes on a daily basis working on the High line side of Line work, is experience & life lessons to build success.

The Bigfoot outrigger pad difference:

  • Only Manufacturer of both wood & composite
  • Composite in ½” increments to make the customer the best fit & size. This reduces in weight & cost for our valued customer.
  • Customer service with understanding of real field experience to make sure your set up is the right & safest for you & your team.
  • The longest in house manufacturer of custom composite. This is hands on quality control.
  • American materials with Veteran Employees & ownership. Who is building your equipment & the dedication in every outrigger pad is our passion.
  • Standard/ custom/ premium outrigger pads. Inventory control is part of our business, working safe with the right tool for the job is how we help you & your team work safe.
  • Bigfoot is not a marketing company………………. But an American family manufacture that specializes in outrigger pads. This will get you & your team the best product/ price/ performance for outrigger pads & cribbing.
  • Composite outrigger pads are guaranteed for life. Bigfoot has never had a outrigger pad returned to date, but remember: A guarantee is only as good as the person that puts their name on it. The Veterans @ Bigfoot will always stand behind our products.
Items that Bigfoot manufacturers:

  • Composite outrigger pads in Black or Safety Orange with the best compressive load rating. ( Bigfoot can make other colors per customer request ).
  • Wood outrigger pads. Premium Birch & econo wood pads.
  • Custom outrigger pads in composite or wood.
  • Custom Cribbing in Composite ( with PSI values ) or wood.
  • Boot pads
  • Slide pads
  • BIG GRIP ( patent pending ) on any size composite out rigger pad or cribbing.
  • Pole Puller Plate out of Bigfoot’s composite.

In memory of Bill Steiner "Bigfoot Bill”. 11/23/50 – 7/19/2017.


Strength / Stability / Safety