BIG GRIP Composite Cribbing

Made of the same material as our outrigger pads in Stock and Custom Sizes.  Big Grip can be added to any Custom Composite Cribbing.


BIG GRIP Stacked

BIG GRIP being used on outrigger pads on the top and bottom with cribbing to safely meet the height needed and adding rigidity to set up equipment.
For vertical pressure only.


Wooden Baltic Birch Cribbing

Made of the Baltic Birch plywood used in our Premium Wood Pads.  In Stock and Custom Sizes.  Waterseal available.

For information and pricing on our custom cribbing, please call us 888.743.7320.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment

is not a vendor or marketing company, but an in house manufacturer with field experience since 1991.
Building with American Materials, with American Veterans since the start of this American Family Business, is exclusive to the
industry and only done by Bigfoot


Strength / Stability / Safety