Heavy-Duty Portable Access Mats and Temporary Flooring

Protect your job site and personnel when tasked with projects on uneven ground and muddy work sites. Wet or unsteady ground can cause trucks to become stuck, equipment to fail, and create a hazardous work environment for your team. Fortunately, we provide DuraDeck®, a portable, heavy-duty composite matting system designed specifically to provide access roads and working platforms for vehicles, equipment, and personnel. Don’t let the elements set you back any longer with DuraDeck®!

DuraDeck® semi-permanent composite mats are robust enough to handle loads up to 80 tons, yet flexible enough that they follow the contours of the terrain without breaking or cracking. From the Everglades to the Sahara, DuraDeck® is perfectly at home in any environment. They are able to handle extreme hot and cold temperatures and are weather resistant.
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Traction Varieties to Suit Your Worksite

DuraDeck 1:
Rugged traction on both sides. Ideal for creating a temporary roadway over several types of terrain and surfaces.

DuraDeck 2:
Rugged traction on one side, pedestrian friendly, textured surface on the other. Perfect for pedestrian pathways or a work site.

DuraDeck 3:
Pedestrian on one side, smooth on the other. Used for special events and walkways in muddy terrain.

DuraDeck 4:
Rugged on one side, smooth on the other. Designed for use in loading areas or construction sites with heavy vehicle traffic on muddy surfaces.

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Module Size

4’W x 8’L x ½”H (244cm x 122cm x 1.27cm). Other sizes available


Black High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) post-industrial recycled
plastic, naturally UV resistant due to the carbon black used for
color. Beige mats also available.


86 lbs (39.01kg) per mat – 2.69 lbs sq/ft (12.97 kg sq/meter)

Weight Load

Up to 80 tons depending on sub-surface

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Use DuraDeck 1 & 4 for Vehicles (DuraDeck shown)


Use DuraDeck 2 & 3 for Vehicles/Pedestrians (DuraDeck 2 shown)