MegaDeck HD



Ultra Heavy-Duty Access Mats and Portable Roadways

Safety and stability. The two most important things you want on your worksite. Also, the two things MegaDeck® HD promises to provide. MegaDeck® HD heavy-duty composite access and rig mats are designed specifically with high-traffic worksites, such as construction sites, oil rigs and power transmission sites, in mind. Bearing up to 600 psi, this system can protect and support the heaviest equipment and vehicles over any terrain and in any climate.

MegaDeck® HD is the strongest modular matting system. Its unique composition of HDPE, UV-protection, anti-static and other additives makes it non-absorbent, prevents degradation, and eliminates warping and breaking due to weather conditions.

MegaDeck® HD features a locking system which allows you to connect panels easily and in a variety of configurations using a single T-bar tool. Mats are laid together seamlessly due to their 12” flanges which guides the mat into place. MegaDeck® HD is as easy to install as it is durable.
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Better than Timber Mats in Every Way

Don’t be lured by the false economy of wooden and steel wood access matting. They may appear less expensive upfront, but given their much shorter service life, higher freight costs, and single-use nature, MegaDeck® HD composite mats are easily the more economical choice.

MegaDeck® HD is non-absorbent, preventing cross-contamination so they can be used again and again. In addition, since MegaDeck® HD shrugs off water and chemicals that may spill, it is not subject to the accelerated decomposition that wooden alternatives undergo. It’s anti-slip traction pattern provides a consistently safe surface for your entire work site.

Provides Solutions For
  • • Oil and Gas
    • Power Transmission and Distribution
    • Aviation
    • Alternative Energy
    • Construction
    • Mining
  • • Renewable Energy
    • Trenching and Shoring
    • Disaster Relief/Military
    • Public Works
    • Heavy Haul


Provides Solutions For
  • Actual

    7.5ft (L) x 14ft (W) x 4in
    2.286m (L) x 4.267m (W)
    x 10.16cm

  • Useable Platform

    6.5ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 4in
    1.981m (L) x 3.962m (W)
    x 10.16cm


1,150 lbs (521.63 kg)

Weight Load

600 lbs sq/in

Shipping Info

40 mats per standard 40’ shipping container or 53’ truck

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• Strongest composite mat on the market
• Solid perimeter construction eliminates fluid saturation of mats
• Enhanced aggressive traction
• Dual-sided design with 124% improved traction
• 86% more rigid – increased stability and durability
• Compatible with original MegaDeck and other matting systems
Non-absorbent HDPE prevents cross-contamination between sites, allowing for multiple uses
The #1 trusted access matting in the world.