Special Features


Twilight Pad: Magnet-Held Light

Pad has a light with multi options for working at night. This will bring attention to the set up or the equipment & the personnel working, and eliminate tripping hazards. The light is waterproof with rechargeable battery with USB cable.


Guardian Pad: Glow Strip

This will help bring attention to the equipment set up and the personnel working. Guardian Pad illumination will help eliminate slips/trips/falls. 20 minutes of natural light exposure will have an 8-10 hour illumination period.


Wood Pad with Painted Sides

Painted sides will extend the life of the outrigger pad by keeping water/snow off the side walls. These will help identify your outrigger pads from others, and help avoid slips/trips/falls.


Center Target & Forklift Block

Center target is the deployment area for equipment’s outriggers to land. Fork lift blocks can be added to stack and store for easy and safe movement of larger outrigger pads with a fork lift.
Available on either the Custom Composite or Premium Birch Outrigger Pads.

For information and pricing on our custom cribbing, please call us 888.743.7320.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment

is not a vendor or marketing company, but an in house manufacturer with field experience since 1991.
Building with American Materials, with American Veterans since the start of this American Family Business, is exclusive to the
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