The Slick Willy

Made from a self-lubricating material and rare earth magnets to hold tools in place

This can be attached to the inside of the bin door or hung inside the bucket to help with tool loss and help maintain the life span of these tools.  This material has a 3000 PSI value.


The Pole Puller Plate

Made from our Custom Composite, the Pole Puller Plate will stop the pole puller from sinking or damaging the area underneath. Lineman have been cutting up cross arms or refilling the holes with concrete to land the pole puller, then causing damage to the pole puller with the ground giving way underneath or the pole shifting and pushing the pole instead of pulling it out.


The Boom Shim

Bigfoot custom composite Boom Shims are the strongest shim built. These will support the booms when storing without cracking or ever breaking. Lighter, stronger and safer boom shims built by an American family manufacturer. These are available in black or safety orange.


Bucket Cover Riser

This is made of our custom composite material for placing in the bucket to keep the cover from collecting snow/ice/rain.


For information and pricing on our tools, please call us 888.743.7320.

Bigfoot Construction Equipment

is not a vendor or marketing company, but an in house manufacturer with field experience since 1991.
Building with American Materials, with American Veterans since the start of this American Family Business, is exclusive to the
industry and only done by Bigfoot


Strength / Stability / Safety